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Ultralight backpacking is a system of interlocking outdoor philosophies that uses incredibly light, efficient, and functional gear. Trail-tested over many thousands of miles, ultra-light gear lets you forget about your load and remember why you went into the wilderness in the first place.

The "Ray-Way" was invented by Ray Jardine, the legendary mountaineer and outdoor adventurer who invented the rock climbing protection devices called "Friends." A former rocket scientist (really!), Ray applied all of his analytical skills to the problem of reducing a hiker's pack weight to the bare minimum without compromising function or safety. Over more than a decade, and about 20,000 miles of hiking with his wife, Jenny, including thru-hikes of the Appalachian Trail, and the Continental Divide Trail, and three thru-hikes of the Pacific Crest Trail, he paired his base load down to 8.44 pounds. Along the way, Ray designed and refined their entire system, and he and Jenny made their own gear, as almost no items commercially available met Ray's exacting standards.

We 're teaching our scouts to learn new proficiencies and scouting skills. We're also teaching self-reliance, how to really experience the outdoors, and to think! Ultra-light methods do this and at a fraction of the cost.

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